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Jul 7, 2012 2:00am PDT
fighting in remark and joins us tonight and our joe walsh highlight reel. exactly how many times did joe walsh say the name ashley? stick around for the "slideslow." robert reich was the secretary during the clinton administration and jared bernstein served with vice president biden. secretary, let me start with you before we get to the politics of it. explain to me the substance. what's going on? what's in the big picture? >> essentially, michael, unemployment stalled. the same as last month, but we also exceed that 80,000 jobs were created in june. that's nothing to crow about. the average monthly job growth of the last three months has been about 75,000 jobs. a substantial decline from the job numbers we saw in january, february and march. now, it's a similar slowdown to what we have seen in previous years. the hope, obviously, is that we get more job growth later in the year. that's a hope politically, but it's very hard to make good news out of today's job numbers. >> mr. bernstein, where is it headed? i think we're aware of the statistics that since world war ii, no president's bee
Jul 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
, thanks for joining us. will, let's ask this. we all watched that performance by the president and opponent. the president was out there saying move on and other things to fight about. this guy sounds like he wants to fight this bill. do you think that is right or not? with david, he hasn't decided. >> i think it is a tough choice for him. i think it is a trap. if he decides to continue the discussion, the part you were for in massachusetts that we took from you, the individual mandate, is the least popular part of the bill. what david was talking about is right. every other provision of the bill enjoys anywhere between 62 to 80 plus support from voters, including represents. it's a bad discussion for him to get into. the more you talk about it, the more people are going to realize what they like about the bill is what president obama did. then obama has to say, you know what, this is how we pay for these benefits. there is no way to make this bill work without the individual mandate. he can be the stern daddy who says, in order to have the benefits, we have to pay for them. th
Jul 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
ç better health ce plan, they are looking to destroy the only one that has been. our guests are with us. gentlemen, thank you for being on tonight. we need true believers. this reaction from the screw ball right, is that a precursor that romney will fight this in november? >> if you look at the poll numbers, the country is split on the health care. >> the gallup polls yesterday. 46% disagree. 46% agree. and the independents, a three point split. this favoring the president, 45% to 42%. >> it is a toss up. it doesn't give advantage. i think a lot of voters are kind of done and don't want to hear more. the other thing, this is the way to drive the base out if he is worried about the base, he shouldn't be. the other thing, too, if he goes into repeal, repeal, repeal, i talked to the obama campaign. they are ready to go toe-to-toe. they are ready to deal with that on the insurance. they know obama care is an abstract concept. it is split 50/50 in the public. if you look at the provisions, they have a lot of ammo to go after romney. >> does he fight this thingç o cool his jets? >> my bet i
Jul 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
lochte. phelps fourth place, didn't medal. fans outside the aquatic center told us they were stunned. >> i'm very shocked. usually you would think fell ps is a guarantee to medal if not first. at least usa won but not the one you thought. >> we were hoping that ryan would win. he's the underdog. >> and the new guy. so i mean, that's exciting. >> meanwhile, beach volleyball stars they won their opening match against australia. the two-time defending gold medalists extended the record to 15-0. and olympic officials launched a probe in to why seats are empty at sold out events. some fans said the venues were about half full, in fact. we'll have a complete report on that just ahead. >>> but first, let's get to l london for a look ahead for today's events. stephanie gosk is there. wishing i was there. let's talk about the big moments to watch going forward today. good morning. >> good morning. a day after the duel in the pool turned in to the upset in the pool, the u.s. team will be back in the water today. the next best hope for u.s. gold will be the women's 100 meter butterfly. that's d
Jul 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
the duel in the pool turned in to the upset in the pool, the u.s. team will be back in the water today. the next best hope for u.s. gold will be the women's 100 meter butterfly. that's dana volmer swimming and men, as well. there's a chance that the 100 meter freestyle relay will include both ryan lochte and michael phelps this time together on the same team. battling for gold and the underdogs in that event. outside the pool, you have the basketball team, men's basketball kicking it off today against france. lebron james and kobe bryant on the court. you also have the finals in the 3 meter springboard diving competition for the women and also the much-anticipated women's gymnastics kicks off with its qualifiers. alex? >> yep. that is going to be fun to watch and people sitting prime time for that. how about watching the games yesterday? what stood out to you? we heard people that were spoken to after the swimming event when lochte beat phelps. that was a shocker for so many. >> reporter: look. i was in our newsroom here in the olympic compound when that event took place and literally
Jul 21, 2012 2:00am PDT
us is editor at large, joe walsh. john feary is here. john, how do you explain all this talk about people learning how to be an american, the charges, you have the candidate himself on your side talking about the president being far in in his thinking. what's that angle that we are getting? because bachmann is the ultimate case of this. >> well, let me first disassociate -- take these two things apart. michele bachmann's thing is absolutely outrageous. i don't know what she's up to. mccain was absolutely right. you can quibble or have serious disagreements with to into obama's foreign policy, but throwing her under the bus is ridiculous and as dangerous as joan boehner said. the worst thing is it's a distraction from what the campaign should be about, which should be about the economy. now, if you're talking about some of the rhetoric coming from mitt romney and others, listen, all is fair in love and war when it comes to politics. those are saying the same thing about mitt romney, calling him un-american. stephanie conner is calling him a felony. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. h
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
ran her campaign for president most of us remember. here he is in an op-ed yesterday. he toured with the congresswoman who works for hillary clinton. here's what he wrote. having worked for congresswoman bachmann's campaign for president, i am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts. but this is downright vicious. and reaches the late senator joe mccarthy level. as a member of congress with a seat on the house intelligence committee, mrs. bachmann, you know better. this is rollins speaking. shame on you, michele! you should stand on the floor of the house and apologize to huma amedin and secretary clinton and all the muslim-americans for your wild and unsubstantiated charges. other republicans call for bachmann's charges to be recalled. they called out lindsay graham. today john boehner was asked about it. here's what the speaker said. >> i don't know huma, but from everything that i do know of her, she has a sterling character. and i think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous. >> well, you might get the idea, joan, if you're somebo
Jul 28, 2012 2:00am PDT
everybody over there so angry at him and us that they're more united than ever as a country. who is this clod, you must be asking. well, his name is mitt romney. and he has gotten the worse press in london since george w. the screeching from fleet street tells it all. mitt the twit invited the sun. who invited party poopy romney. how should we react to this kerfuffle? it seems this man who has trouble speaking earthling here at home, who talks of flying on an aircraft of marvelous budgets, of being a severe conservative can be just as awkward when acting the diplomat abroad. here is a question. if a gentleman is someone who doesn't insult someone unintentionally, then mitt romney with all his posh schooling has not been very much of a gentleman this weekend. and if this insult of the london olympics calling the preparations disconcerting was intentional, what is this guy up to? i thought he wanted to improve anglo-american relations, not trash them. let's hear from two british reporters who are covering this story. simon marks and chris ship of itv. let me go to simon. just tell
Jul 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
? >> i think that's exactly right. us british are not very good at positivity. we've been whining about the olympics for several weeks now. you've heard about the problems with the security. the taxi drivers, the cabdrivers have been moaning about the olympic route network. you get them in every olympics, of course. but there is nothing quite like somebody coming from overseas, telling us that we're not behind our olympics, for brits to really get behind it. i think so since mitt romney rocked up a couple days ago, you can almost see the brits put their arms around the olympic stadium saying, you know what? we are behind this. i've been watching some of the opening ceremonies secretly because you can't see it for a couple of hours yet. everyone is behind the games and it's looking good. >> he still looks stiff as hell walking around number 10 there. it's a strange way the guy walks. i want to know the politics of this. we'll get to the pictures and the quotes in a second. here's the point. i thought cameron would like him. aren't they fellow tories? >> i think that is exactly the point
Jul 14, 2012 5:00am EDT
theforsomedetasike this bame secoary. >>ell, youknow has t tionfying i part,t wahaot and it took us two, three years to start things out. but that's not what he's saying. he's saying that he had nothing too wh -- i wheirsto repoha h sned doment he die th. his me w not jus ther b he sigd dument enled $75 miloneal tgo through. this is months after he supposedly left the compan he did declared onis financial sclosure form il ha a ory thi in an hou oro d puthe lk ony twier fe, bu higne fanci discsuretatent sayg tt ino way,ot inny way was he involved in bain operations after february 1999. but there are these examples again and again of himigning recos. nothat bng volv. i'not sing 's rning thin d to y as "tosto gle" gid, be wa inlved the g thg agn ise'sot gog toe able to put this behind him. any story yesrday about his chinese deal, investingn a chinese mpany that befiti fro u.s urci, ey are goi t be ls o dealthat are gngo be inveigat. mi, th is tominfrom chago. i goed that story from somebody interested in looki at sec filings abt mitt romney and developed it mylf. the oba cpaigertaly wantto g ts, buto
Jul 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
company that was making money off u.s. companies outsourcing jobs to them. so even prior to this '99 bright line, there are lots of problems at bain and lots of problems with his own personal finances with offshore companies. it's turning into a big mess and i think that's why we are not going to see much in terms of tax returns because i can tell you this. i'm getting stuff in all over, tips here and there, there's a wealth, pun intended, a wealth of material to keep looking at in terms of bain deals and romney's personal finances and there are questions whether he didn't tell the whole truth on maybe the disclosure forms he has filled out. >> gentlemen, on cbs this morning president obama said a tax on romney's record at bain were entirely appropriate. here's what he said in part. >> i do not think at all it disqualifies him, but i also think it's important, if that's his main calling card, if his basic premise is that i'm mr. fix-it on the economy, because i made a lot of money, i think it is entirely appropriate to look at that record, and so whether, in fact, his focus was creat
Jul 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
money off u.s. companies outsourcing jobs to them. eveprioto ts '9brig linetherare ts oprobms atain d lo of oble withis o pernal nanc wi offore mpans. it'surni inta bimessnd i ink at'shy ware t going to see much in terms of tax returns because i can tell you this. i'm getting stuff in all over, ps he anther the's a weth, n inndeda weth ofaterl toeep okinat ter of in dls a mney pernal nanc and ere e qutionwhetr he didn't tell the whole truth on maybe the disclosure forms h has filled out. >> gentlemen, on cbs this moing esidt oba sa a x onomnes rerd abain we entely propate. re'shat saiin pt. i dnot ink allt disqualifies him, but i also think it's important, if that's his main calling card,f h basiremis tha'm mr. fix- on t onom causi ma lotf moy, i thinit i enrely apppria to lk at that record, and so whether, in fact, his focus was creating jobs. and he scesslly d th andhen youook theecor therare estis the. >> ri,oou thi tha ts isllpposion sear ornted that it's coming from chicago. that the obama campaign has been sitting on these things for quite some time. askein aiffent mner,ad youra
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)